Complete fire and security solutions

ACL’s professionally fitted, maintained and monitored intruder alarms are recognised by the police and insurers to significantly reduce the risk of crime and eradicate the danger of undetected intrusion

Intruder Alarm Systems

Unfortunately burglary is a risk that many have to worry about. Our intrusion alarm systems can help put minds at rest. Not only can our alarms act as a deterrent for thieves but can lower insurance premiums, protect your assets and save your precious time to concentrate on your daily business.

Fire Detection Systems Systems

Our high quality automatic fire detection systems not only alerts occupants at the earliest opportunity of a potential fire, but also provides an early indication to prevent catastrophic building damage.

CCTV Solutions

At ACL we provide numerous types of CCTV systems from remotely monitored, multi-site monitoring, automatic number plate recognition and many more solutions.

Access Control Solutions

Control who can access your premises. 24 hour restricted access to your building which can record and control access to whom can roam.

Fire Risk Assessments

Not only is detecting a fire extremely important, but preventing it in the first place is even more so. We offer commercial fire risk assessments which offer sound advice and best practise to prevent the worst from occurring. Prevent the risk of future liability and enquire with us today about our commercial fire risk assessments.

Maintenance Plans

It is very important to keep all your safety and security measures in good working order. We offer affordable, high quality maintenance and service plans for commercial and residential premises.

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